• Palakh Dutta

To Patriarchy, With Love

Dear Patriarchal Society,

I am a 22-year-old confused human being looking for a few answers. Before I ask you anything, I just want you to remember that you and me, we all are identical you know. We all are human beings who are all the part of the very same society. We feel the equal amount of pain once we are hurt. We like to have our own freedom to speak up, liberty to walk around freely and even to wear what we like yet the fact that I am a girl or like how some people like to put it “the fact that I have a vagina” may not permit me to do all the above-listed things.

Bizarre, isn’t it? It is odd that the fact that I am a girl I must contemplate twice before I do anything whereas a man doesn’t have to stress about it. How can our genders define the way we live our lives? We all are humans after all and we deserve the same privileges, don’t we?

This world and especially our country has an enormous problem when it comes to women’s well-being. We have acknowledged, debated and discussed it every time an incident would last a few days on any news bulletin and then eventually fade.

I am sure you have read thousands of such open letters addressing these difficulties and perhaps this is going to be part of the many out there trying to use words to make you realize the gravity of the problem.

So, what is the problem? Does it cause us less amount of pain when you hurt us? Do people assume that it doesn’t hurt us when our dignity is stripped away when we are stalked, glared or are treated as someone less than a human being?

The question truly is how are we going start dealing with this deeply entrenched inequality that is generations old? Let’s start with a few basics-

“Beti ko padhao par uske saath apne beto ko sikhao beti ki iiszat karna”.

This slogan has become quite widespread in India but did it bring about any transformation? Not really. If you would look at yourself you would realize that every small thing around you highlights the deeply rooted gender inequality in our society. It would be wrong to blame the government alone for a problem that is generations old but that does not mean that they are not accountable for solving the problems surrounding it. We have an obligation together to do something about it rather than just acknowledging the issue. Let’s face it! This is a huge problem. It needs to be fixed and needs to be dealt with now.

I could go on listing a 1000 solutions but let’s face it, it wouldn’t change the world overnight. The change will happen from within. So, let’s take a pledge this women’s month that we would try to be more conscious about the gender issues that surround us because as cliché as it might sound but every bit counts.

P.s- Let’s start with this. Pink is not my favorite color.

With Love,

Palakh Dutta

About The Author

Palakh Dutta is a Doctoral Research student at the University of Westminster. An extremely enterprising student, Palakh has been responsible for the initiation and management of several social projects in the UK and outside. She has been vocal in espousing important social causes such as women's health and literacy and is an intern at the Democratic Education Network. Palakh also holds a graduate degree in History from Hansraj College, Delhi University.

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