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Denisse flores

Denisse Flores is an LL.M. candidate in the Class of 2020 at UCLA School of Law. She holds a Bachelor´s degree in Law from La Universidad Autonóma de Ciudad Juárez, and a Bachelor´s degree in International Business from St Edward´s University.  She has worked as a head of department at the Sixth Investigative Unit of National Human Rights Commission (Mexico) and as an analyst at Mexico´s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Kilian j. grunther

Kilian J. Grunther currently studies law at the University of Cologne in Germany and spends most of his time making music, watching the news and drinking too much coffee. Among other things, Kilian co-hosted the INMUN 2016 and worked in statutory representation in Germany and the Netherlands. In his earlier days he won multiple science competitions, inter alia, for the development of a window seal that protects against flooding.

Giorgia Faranda

Giorgia Faranda holds a Masters in International Relations from the University of Westminster and also works at Kensington Palace, London. She is an outspoken activist for feminism and has found recognition in many renowned publications. Among her writings, Giorgia has received considerable acclaim for her views on the role of NATO as the focal point of Europe's security architecture, and the empowerment of women in the Middle East.

Arindam Som

Arindam Som is an Analyst working with India Ratings & Research - the Indian arm of Fitch Ratings. He has completed his Financial Risk Manager Certification from the Global Association of Risk Professionals and currently provides coverage to various Indian Corporates across sectors including construction, agro-commodities and logistics. He has also extensively worked on credit risk assessment of Indian Non-Banking Finance companies, Public Sector Enterprises and structured finance instruments. In his free time, he enjoys travelling, music and writing.

Ayush Singhal

Ayush Singhal is a student of Public Policy at OP Jindal Global University. He holds an undergraduate degree in Political science from Kirorimal college, Delhi University. He has worked with Public health foundation of India, Pratham, Centre for Indian political research and analysis among others. He has interests in Indian Political History, Policy implementation and development, Education and Urbanisation.

Aishwarya Bansal

Aishwarya Bansal is a student of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at the Columbia University in New York City. A graduate in Political Science from Hindu College, Delhi University, Aishwarya has also worked with the American Red Cross. At Polemics & Pedantics, Aishwarya writes about the United States and its foreign policy.

Aakash chowdhary

Aakash Chowdhary is a fifth year student of MBBS in Jammu & Kashmir. Aakash has a keen interest in ocular genomics and tele-medicine. He is member at the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health, a Foundation and Student Member of the Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh), and a Medical Student Member of the American Academy of Neurology, American College of Physicians, and the AAEM Resident and Student Association. In addition, Aakash also runs a successful IT forum by the name of Crooked Computing Inc. At this magazine, Aakash will cover issues relating to technology and healthcare sectors.

Hiba Ahmad

Hiba Ahmad is a student of Literature at Hansraj College, Delhi University, India. She is also the President of the Hansraj College Debating Society. She has worked with NGOs such as CRY and is an accomplished debater. When not working, she likes to indulge in music and art, and feels passionately about Bollywood. She has also been the recipient of first prize in the commemorative letter writing competition hosted by Kalam Foundation.

Nisha Gupta

Nisha Gupta is a budding lawyer currently pursuing her B.B.A. LL.B. at National Law University, Jodhpur, where she is also a Senior Content Editor for her college's flagship law journal. She is interested in pioneering effective techniques for the development of Alternative Dispute Resolution in India. Nisha recently represented her university at the International Law School Mediation Tournament, in Athens, Greece. In addition to law, Nisha possess a keen interest in human rights, international affairs and women's issues.

Poojil TIwari

Poojil holds a Bachelors in English Literature from Miranda House, University of Delhi. Like most English students, Poojil has an affinity for reading. She is an avid debater, placing a lot of value in the ability to question and have constructive discussions. She is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer, and regard dancing to be her true passion. Poojil has a keen interest in Gender and Cultural Studies and has worked with organizations such as Delhi Commission for Women and Teach for India.

Reeya Rao

Reeya Rao has been India's representative at the 2016 G20 Youth Summit held in China. She is currently pursuing her Master's in Social Policy and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and holds a graduate degree in Sociology from the Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. A former President of her college's National Service Scheme, Reeya's research interests include Education, Gender, Migration and Youth Affairs. A binge watcher of television sitcoms, Reeya also has a penchant for Modern Calligraphy.

Sanya Khurana

Sanya Khurana is a student of law at the IP University, Delhi, India. Sanya is also pursuing her Company Secretary course and is an avid follower of International Relations, in addition to being an established participant and organizer of Model United Nations Conferences at the national and international level.

Soumya Khurana

Soumya Khurana is a CS student, an avid reader and an articulate speaker. Soumya has conducted training sessions and adjudged several debating and Model United Nations Conferences at institutions such as Sri Venkateswara College, SGTB Khalsa College, Presidium School, among others.

Samridhi Vij

Samridhi Vij holds a Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, India. She is an accomplished research scholar in the domain of socio-economic and developmental issues. She has been associated with UNICEF, during which time she published two papers concerning India's Maternity Benefit Programme and the National Social Assistance Programme. Samridhi has also conducted research and authored parts of a paper published by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, India on rehabilitating juvenile offenders.

Saipriya Shahi

Saipriya Shahi is a proud kiwi residing in New Zealand, the land of Elves & Giants & many great sportsmen. Saipriya holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Food Science from the Auckland University of Technology. With a goal to change the future of food with her innovative yet quality product ideas, while being obsessed with photography on the side.

Tanya Madan

Tanya is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Economics from Hans Raj College, Delhi University and has also served as the President of the Economics Society at the College. Apart from being deeply passionate about the subject, she has also been a debater and a travel enthusiast. She finds bliss in the undiscovered nooks and niches of the world, exploring the world – and herself, one destination at a time. In her free time she finds solace in music, books and a warm cup of coffee.

Tarana Faroqi

Tarana Faroqi is currently a second year Masters in International Affairs student at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva. She holds a graduate degree in Journalism and mass communication from Lady Shri Ram College for women, University of Delhi and a Post graduate diploma in conflict transformation and peace building.She has worked previously with MSF India, Hindustan Times, The Indian express, and The South Asian Human Rights Documentation Center. She recently completed a Communications internship with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. She has been an active MUNer and writer since high school

Tanmai Khanna

Tanmai Khanna is a student of Computational Linguistics at IIIT, Hyderabad, and likes to think that he has amazing hair. An avid debater, Tanmai has achieved high honors in debating tournaments organized by colleges across the country. He is also a fierce advocate of feminism. In addition, Tanmai also believes in ethical treatment of animals, and for that reason, espouses for veganism and changes in anthropological dietary habits.

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