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From Trump and Kim Jong Un, to Erdogan and Duterte, as well as everything in between - our experts in International Affairs bring to you the latest about the shift and tumble of geopolitics. Our experts have been associated with Cambridge University, Columbia University, University of Westminster, London School of Economics and Political Science, among others.  



If Blockchain, Bond Yields, and Financial Derivatives are what drive you, allow our team of young and talented academics provide you with your daily dose of The Big Short.  



Worried about the slide of Democracy across the world? Want to understand the nuances of the Feminist Movement or the latest Supreme Court ruling concerning worker's rights? We have a team of enthusiastic experts from US, UK, Italy, India, and Germany to provide it all.


An Oncology Researcher from Taiwan, a Doctor from India, a Graduate student with a specialty in Physics and, a food specialist from New Zealand, are among the many talented and verbose authors working to simplify complex problems for you.  



All you ever wanted to know about the society, polity, and economy of the world's largest democracy, and one of its most diverse nations.  


Excited about starting a new school and don't know which one to choose? We bring to you reviews from across the world, to help you select the best course and college for you! 

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