Hong Kong's protests have gone on for a really long time now, with the world's most powerful authoritarian regime pounding on the rights guaranteed to individuals in an international treaty. Francesco Ziveri pens a case for individual freedoms in Hong Kong, gro...

There is often a consideration of identity in most of what we do today, but at the same time, there is a lot that remains to be understood and identified. Here's a look at the subject from the eyes of Greek God Theseus.

Are there lessons to learn from the Ancient world about the rise of populism today? We take a look at the ideas of Plato to decipher the politics of today.

Francesco Ziveri explains the riveting plot twists and turns from the moralistic (and amoralisitc) perspectives of Machiavelli and Nietzsche. No GoT fan should miss this.

Recent developments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning point to the creation of machines that are more human-like. Does the desire for anthropomorphic machines come from an inherent human weakness? Francesco Ziveri explains.

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